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Educators and staff in the K-12 school system attend to children well beyond the bell, forming a safety net that’s both critical and fragile. When COVID-19 closed schools in 2020, time-tested systems fell apart. 

Inside her North Miami Senior High classroom, Glenda Moton-Rutledge takes pride in the relationship she has built with her students.

So, last year, as the pandemic hit and learning moved online, she could tell even through Zoom many students were struggling.

“Glenda Moton-Rutledge greeted her ninth graders with a prompt on the white board: Hopes and Fears. Glenda Moton-Rutledge had them pour it all out into a class paper, and she made it their end-of-the year project with a twist: She would compile their papers into a self-published book.”

Jasmine Aguilera, Madeleine Carlisle, and Katie Reilly

Kevin Ozebek, Leisa Williams


Julio Iglesias, Monique O. Madan


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Glenda Moton-Rutledge is an author, educator, and motivational speaker with a divine purpose to empower others. As a believer in the power of faith, Glenda Moton-Rutledge's life has taken her down many paths. A native of Cincinnati, OH, Glenda was born a twin to an educator and a biologist. 

Early in her childhood, Glenda’s family relocated to Miami, FL where she quickly acclimated to life as a Florida girl. Glenda has fond memories of making mud pies with her siblings in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. A lover of the sciences, Glenda’s childhood was 

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