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The Pen of a Writer began as a passion project for author Glenda Moton-Rutledge, who felt divinely called to serve through the written word. The mission of The Pen of a Writer is to inspire and empower those who have a desire to write with the skills and tools necessary to further their journey.

Those who feel lost, broken, and fractured have a story to tell, one that is beautiful and worth sharing. The books, products, and materials of The Pen of a Writer are designed to strengthen Christians who are on the path to wholeness.


Glenda Moton-Rutledge is an author, educator, and motivational speaker with a divine purpose to empower others. As a believer in the power of faith, Glenda Moton-Rutledge's life has taken her down many paths. A native of Cincinnati, OH, Glenda was born a twin to an educator and a biologist. Early in her childhood, Glenda’s family relocated to Miami, FL where she quickly acclimated to life as a Florida girl. Glenda has fond memories of making mud pies with her siblings in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. A lover of the sciences, Glenda’s childhood was filled with dreams of becoming a doctor and she spent years as a candy striper in local hospitals. As life would have it, however, upon her graduation from Tennessee State University with a degree in Elementary Education, Glenda began her career in the classroom and found that teaching was her first love. 

After teaching for a few years, her career would take a beautifully unexpected turn and transitioned her to Delta Airlines for more than 20 years. At Delta, she sharpened her abilities as a leader and an effective communicator in her role as Supervisor of International Sales in Miami Reservations. After September 2001, she returned to the classroom, where she has taught every subject from English to Science, first in elementary education and then in high school. 

As an educator, Glenda has launched special initiatives designed to stimulate and expand children’s interest in the sciences. She launched Science With a Twist, Inc. (SWAT) in 2012, a program that was designed to make learning science easy, accessible, and fun. Glenda also worked with a NASA scientist on ways to make science more engaging and attainable for children. She is also an adjunct with Miami Dade College InterAmerican Campus.

Glenda has a firm belief in the power of education and the power of the pen. During her diverse career, one thing that has remained constant is her ability to move people and organizations with the power of her words. As an ordained minister and writer, Glenda believes her purpose is clear--to work in the spirit of excellence in every endeavor and show others how to do so. She is also a recent graduate from Breakthrough Coaching and Leadership Academy as a Certified Professional Life Coach. Through teaching, writing, and leading, Glenda’s professional career spans two decades and she’s just getting started! 

Glenda has also authored iRead, iThink, iWrite and is working on several upcoming book projects. She enjoys journaling, traveling, and finding ways to positively impact those around her. 

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