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From Teachers to Custodians, Meet the Educators Who Saved A Pandemic School Year


Sep 2, 2021

Educators and staff in the K-12 school system attend to children well beyond the bell, forming a safety net that’s both critical and fragile. When COVID-19 closed schools in 2020, time-tested systems fell apart. But educators swung into action, modeling resourcefulness and resilience for their students. In April, when we put out a call for educators and other school employees whose work made students’ pandemic learning experience better, we were optimistic that the chaotic academic year would be the last of its kind. But now, before some schools have even started, the coming year is in flux. This salute to educators starts with an essay by Dr. Jill Biden, a teacher for more than 30 years. Then we tell 29 stories of people who went to extraordinary lengths to keep students from falling through the cracks. —Andrea Delbanco, editor-in-chief, TIME for Kids

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