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Hopes and Fears: North Miami 9th graders share COVID-19 struggles in new book


Jun 4, 2021

(WSVN) - Students are wrapping up what has been a difficult school year, and in one South Florida classroom, students are expressing all the “Hopes and Fears” they felt during the pandemic. As 7’s Kevin Ozebek shows us in tonight’s special assignment report, it has turned them into published authors.

Glenda Moton, teacher, North Miami Senior High: “So, good morning, good morning, good morning. Is everybody ready?”

It’s a new day in Ms. Moton’s language arts class, and these students are about to get much more than your standard ninth grade English lesson.

Glenda Moton: “You know that your voices really matter.”

Inside her North Miami Senior High classroom, Glenda Moton takes pride in the relationship she has built with her students.

So, last year, as the pandemic hit and learning moved online, she could tell even through Zoom many students were struggling.

Glenda Moton: “As an educator, you can sense, you can hear, you can see, and you just know. I wanted to hear what they had to say, and I said to them, ‘What are some of your hopes, and what are some of your fears?'”

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